Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear Queen Elizabeth,

I am so curious - how do you like your new iPod?  I heard President Obama brought you one.  What kind is it?  Too bad he didn't bring you an iPhone - I just LOVE mine!  I wonder what Playlists you have?  Also, do you use the Apple earbuds or did you get a different kind?  What color is your iPod?

So many questions!  Either way, I hope you are loving your iPod and are listening to oodles of fabulous music.  I recommend Eva Cassidy songs, if you are looking for a great song or two.

PS - Did you know we share a birthday?  Happy Early Birthday!

Love, Me


Taryn said...

Dear Daily Dear:

I just hopped over from SITS and I must say, I think your blog is FABULOUS!
I hope Queen Elizabeth is enjoying her iPod also! I wonder if she downloaded "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols? That would be rockin'!
Also, I bet she has a Union Jack cover to go on it too. If so, she's a total DIVA, yes? ;)


P.S. I cannot wait to come back and read more letters! ;)

Melissa said...

Dear Taryn,

Why, thank you for gracing us with your presence! I'm so glad you hopped over here and that you are enjoying the letters.

I am SURE that the Queen is a Diva - there is no doubt about it. I really hope she has "God Save the Queen" on her iPod - that would just make my day!

I'm going over to check out your blog - and I just LOVE that it is called "Love, Taryn"!!


Love, Me

Taryn said...

Dear, Melissa:

Yes, the Queen is a Diva, that's for sure! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I just read your comment, and can't believe your parents are from Aiken! I am originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but YES, I reside in Aiken, SC now! It IS a small world. That just made my day - well, evening!
We certainly DO have a lot in common, don't we? My first name is Melissa and so is yours. My last name is Law, and you are a LAW student (had to throw that one in there!). Middle name is Taryn, and that's just what I have always gone by! Livin' in Aiken, which is where your parents are from! GOLLY, Darling! Are we sisters?