Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Grocery-Store-Layout-Deciders,

Today I went to the store, hungry for some Quaker Mini Rice Cakes - Cheddar Cheese flavored, to be exact.  I was really, really sore, having just left the gym and driven straight to the store.  I walked my aching legs all around that darn store looking and looking for the Quaker Rice Cakes.  Oh!  Here they must be, I would think.  With the Quaker Oatmeal.  Nope.  Oh!  Then it must be here, with the crackers.  Nope.  Finally I had to ask a worker.  "By the Wine and Alcohol," he said.  Of course!  I should have thought of that myself.  Next time, think about where you put those Quaker Rice Cakes. 
Love, Me

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Tanielle said...

I'm anxious to read the letters daily! Great idea!