Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Internet Company {Revisited},

Hello again.  Perhaps you remember my first letter to you.  Well, I have heard more of the story, and here are my thoughts:

I will likely be switching to a different company, because this is just flat out stupid.

Thanks for listening.  It's been a good, oh, I don't know, 8 years with you, but I'm about to peace out.  

Love, Me


Kacey R. said...

Seriously? Seriously? This rumor is legit? I may have to call you out on who "internet company" actually is and make sure I am not missing anything!! lol :D

Great, now I have MC Hammer in my head...too legit, too legit to quit, hey! hey!

Cher said...

oh wow! that would seriously kill us bloggers wouldn't it? jerks. found you on SITS!

Jess said...

Wha? Oh my gosh! Geez if that happened I don't know what I'd do!